Saul Simhon
PhD Candidate
Mobile Robotics Lab
Centre for Intelligent Machines

Research Topic:
Machine Learning frameworks for:

  • Automated Sketch Understanding [movie 37mb]
  • Robot Path Planning
  • Classification

    [PhD Thesis]

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    A Bit About Myself

    I've been a full time student at McGill University since 1992. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Physics and Computer Science. I also completed a Master of Science degree in Computer Science with my thesis topic in Mobile Robotics and Vision.

    I am currently a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the Centre for Intelligent Machines. With the supervision of Prof. Gregory Dudek, I am working on a sketching system and a robot path planner. Two seemingly different problems that are solved under the same methodology; using a machine learning framework. The sketching application beautifies coarse hand-drawn sketches by first learning from examples what good-looking sketches look like. Similarly, the robot path planner synthesizing trajectories by first learning from examples what motions the robot can take. Most of this work takes place in the facilities of our Most Radical Lab... MRL. (Actually, the acronym stands for Mobile Robotics Laboratory.)

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