Medical Image Analysis / Heart wall myofibers are arranged in minimal surfaces to optimize organ function / Project page
Medical Image Analysis / Diffusion MRI: Curve Inference and Streamline Flows / Project page
Medical Image Analysis / 3D Stochastic Completion Fields for Brain Connectivity Mapping / Project page
Computer Graphics / Generalized helicoids for hair modeling / Project page
Computational Fluid Dynamics / Vortex Flows / Project page
Computational Vision / Blur Modeling by Reverse Projection / Project page
Computational Vision / Medial Surfaces of Polyhedra / Project page


The shape of an object lies at the interface between vision and cognition, yet general purpose theories of shape for applications in bio-medicine, robotics and industry have been notoriously difficult to formulate. Drawing on techniques from singularity theory, partial differential equations, geometric flows and graph theory, our group is broadly concerned with the problem of shape analysis in computational vision and medical imaging. A key theme is the development of "generic" models, which support a notion of similarity between qualitatively similar shapes.

visual shapes