Considering Graduate School ?

Here is a document I wrote for McGill undergrads considering graduate studies in CS.

Current Students

Kenzy Abdel Malek M.Sc.



Milena Scaccia F 2019 Perception of Occlusion and Luminance in 3D clutter
Fahim Mannan W 2017 On Optimal Depth from Defocus
Vincent Chapdelaine-Couture** W 2012 Le cinema omnistereo ou l'art d'avoir des yeux tout le tour de la tete
Scott McCloskey* W 2008 Investigating Blur in the Framework of Reverse Projection

M.Sc. (Thesis)

Abraham Yesgat F 2022 Vehicle Trajectory Predictions using Monocular Depth and Pose Estimations
Amanpreet Walia F 2021 Uncertainty in depth estimation using RGB-gated images
Silan He F 2021 How contrast affects shape perception of glossy and matte surfaces: an MTurk Study
Xavier Morin Dushesne F 2021 Natural scene statistics and distance perception: ground-object segmentation and choice of location
Yiran Mao W 2021 Multimodal Encoder for Fusing RGB and Gated Images
Vincent Petrella*** F 2018 Blur discrimination from video for motion in depth
Lixiong Chen W 2018 Microfacet-based Photometric Stereo for Surfaces with Isotropic Reflectance
Neeth Kunnath W 2018 Depth from defocus using Angle Sensitive Pixels on a Transmissive Diffraction Mask
David Bourque W 2018 Exploring Specular Highlight Streaks on Planar Surfaces
Haomin Zheng F 2016 Depth discrimination from occlusions in 3D cluttered scenes
Shayan Rezvankhah F 2015 Depth Discrimination in Cluttered Scenes Using Fishtank Virtual Reality
Arthur Faisman F 2013 Visual Perception of shape from matte, glossy, and mirror surfaces
Fahim Mannan F 2010 Performance of MRF-based stereo in 3D cluttered scenes
Yue Ouyang F 2010 Investigation of specularities on low relief surfaces
Matthew Wahab F 2006 Multiresolution motion textures
Derek Rivait F 2006 Three dimensional power spectra of motion parallax in cluttered scenes
Dipinder Rekhi F 2005 Fluid visualization and fluid solvers
Javeen Pereira F 2005 Rendering egomotion using dynamic textures
Yousef Farasat F 2005 Motion of specularities on undulating surfaces
Daria Gipsman W 2004 Critical points of shading: on intensity maxima
Linqiao Zhang W 2004 Rendering Falling snow using Fourier transforms

M.Sc. (Project)

Yang Chen F 2023 Exploring ground priors using flipped images and PSM Net
Agnes Liu F 2022 Learning specular streak segmentation
Junlin Zheng W 2020 Monophonic Sound Classification Using Spectrograms
Yimiao Ou F 2019 Density perception of layered dot patterns with Occlusions
Pierre He W 2019 Density perception of 2D dot patterns
Huaqun Yan W 2018 Rendering Optical Snow on a GPU
Geoffrey Siu W 2015 Removal of Specular Highlights from Stereoscopic Images
Tao Wei F 2014 Geometric and PSF Calibration for Depth-from-Defocus
Aditya Bhatia W 2005 Combining spectral snow with a particle system
Charles Lai* F 2001 Object reconstruction using shadows


Xichong Ling W 2022 COMP 400
Gaspard Nahmias S 2019 COGS 401
Kyle Levy W 2018 PHYS 489
Hannah Jin W 2018 COMP 396
Weiyi Xiao F 2018 COMP 402
Dmitrii Tiron S/F 2017 COGS 401
Benjamin Paul-Dubois-Taine S 2017 COMP 400
Siran Sun W 2016 COMP 401
Ryan Siciliano S 2013 COMP 396
Liam Flookes S 2006 NSERC USRA
Vincent Couture F 2002 COMP 400

  *co-supervised with Kaleem Siddiqi
  **co-supervised with Sebastien Roy at U de M
  ***co-supervised with Paul Kry