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Haptics Laboratory: Special Project Pages

The laboratory has started to develop individual project pages which will be progressively introduced. This is only a small subset of projects now under way, and there will be more to come, time permitting.

  1. Vincent Levesque: Measurement of Skin Deformation Using Fingerprint Feature Tracking

  2. Jerome Pasquero: STReSS Tactile Display Family

  3. Vincent Levesque: Virtual Braille Display

  4. Jerome Pasquero: Survey of tactile displays

  5. This link to "laterotactile.com" pretty much subsumes all 4 items above which will be phased out

  6. H. Dostmohamed: Morpheotron Shape Display

  7. H-Y. Yao: Microtactus Probes

  8. A page is being prepared for the Pantograph project, but for now there is only a MOVIE (24 Mb) produced in 1994!