Probabilistic Vision Group

The probabilistic vision group is part of the McGill Centre for Intelligent machines. The focus of our research is on developing probabilistic inference techniques for computer vision problems. Such problems often involve processing noisy data; probabilistic approaches are then appropriate as they allow for uncertainty to be modelled and propagated through the solution process. Choosing to represent the solution to a computer vision problem as a probability distribution over many possible solutions makes it possible to measure the ambiguity of the results and provide guidelines as to whether more data should be acquired, when possible. Applications include, but are not limited to

  • Object recognition
  • Active vision
  • Image segmentation
  • Image registration
  • Image-guided neurosurgery

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Congratulations to Tanya Nair for winning a young scientist award at MICCAI 2018

Congratulations to Andrew Jesson for winning second place in the Longitudinal MS Lesion Segmentation Challenge, held at the 2015 International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging in New York

Congratulations to Dr. Zahra Karimaghaloo, winner of the CIPPRS Doctoral Dissertation Award 2014
Thesis: "Hierarchical Adaptive Voxel and Textural Conditional Random Field for Enhanced Pathology Segmentation"

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Raghav Mehta (PhD)
Joshua Durso-Finley (PhD)
Amar Kumar (PhD)
Jean-Pierre Falet (Masters, co-supervised by Dr. Douglas L. Arnold)
Saverio Vadacchino (Masters, co-supervised by Prof. James Clark)
Chelsea Myers-Colet (Masters)
Jillian Cardinell (Masters)
Justin Szeto (Masters)
Eric Zimmermann (Masters)
Kirill Vasilevski (Masters)
Julien Schroeter
Research Assistants
Brennan Nichyporuk
Nazanin Mohammadi Sepahvand
Adrian Tousignant Duran
Qing Tian
Barleen Kaur
Ian Watt
Alexandre Hutton
Andrew Jesson
Tanya Nair
Chris Donnelly
Meltem Demirkus
Andrew Doyle
Colm Elliott
Nagesh Subbanna
Maor Zaltzhendler
Dante De Nigris
Zahra Karimaghaloo
Rola Harmouche
Frank Riggi
Matt Toews
Rupert Brooks
Cathy Laporte
Mohak Shah
Boris Oreshkin
Lian Xin He


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