Current Research Projects

Attention Modeling and Tracking

  • Shared attention modeling
  • Attention tracking in 3D imagery
  • Modeling the task dependence of attention
  • Modeling attention in viewing cellphone displays
  • Increasing information transfer in cellphones by linking perception and action
  • Applying attention tracking to modulating video game difficulty.
  • Studying the link between microsaccades and visual attention.

Analysis of Cinematic Imagery

  • Detection of defects in stereo imagery for 3D cinema
  • Detecting stereo window violations.
  • Detecting and correcting stereo mismatches due to specularities.

Spectral Modeling and Color Vision

  • Optimizing color displays at low light levels.
  • Color denoising.
  • Color appearance models for mesopic conditions.
  • Color perception as spectral modeling.
  • Maximum entropy spectral modeling.
  • Spectral models for underwater color imaging.
  • Integrating multiple views from a nonuniform color sensor.

Augmented Reality and Video Surveillance

  • Statistical methods for gender classification and head pose estimation.
  • Integration of multiple views using virtual mirroring.
  • Detection of anomalies based on comparison to stored exemplars.
  • Multiple camera implementation of person detection.
  • FPGA hardware implementation of person detection.
  • Unsupervised online learning technique for moving person detection.
  • Hidden-Markov-Model approach to detecting anomalous person trajectories.

Sensorimotor Theories of Perception

  • Sensorimotor theories of color perception.
  • Perceptual stability and the learning of invariance.
  • Entropy of spatio-temporal surrounds and intensity perception.
  • Eye movements and the perception of space.

Research Sponsors

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