Photo Album - Dive off Puerto Vallarta

These pictures are from a two-tank boat dive at the Marietas islands at Banderas Bay on 27/12/2005. Dive operator Pacific Scuba.

Dive 1

Start time: 11:35
Max Depth: 71 ft.
Avg. Depth: 45 ft.
Duration: 43min.
Temp of Water: 65F.
Visibility (poor) ~5m.

Dive 2

Start time: 13:20
Max Depth: 66 ft.
Avg. Depth: 39 ft.
Duration: 51 min.
Temp of Water: 70F.
Visibility ~10m.


The pictures are taken with a Canon Powershot A85 digital camera in an underwater case. Color adjustment has been done in Photoshop for some of the pictures.


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