PhD Candidate Mobile Robotics Lab

McGill University


I am a PhD candidate in the Mobile Robotics Lab at McGill University and Mila. My research is focused on learning robust, visually-guided navigation and planning policies for heterogeneous robots operating in unstructured, unknown, real-world environments. I am interested in semi-supervised and unsupervised learning methods that enable robots to continually improve their understanding of the environment that will lead to both higher navigation performance and richer scientific data collection. Specifically, I am interested in:

  • Visually guided navigation and scene understanding
  • Hybrid model-free and model-based learning
  • Planning and control over long horizons from compact latent spaces
  • Imitation learning from image data and low-dimension human labels
  • Transfer learning from high-fidelity simulators to the real-world
  • Multi-modal planning and control during sensor dropout and partial observability
  • Improved scientific data collection
  • Active perception for improved localization
  • Robust performance in unstructured outdoor environments, such as forests or underwater