Prof. Paul Zsombor-Murray

Department: Mechanical Engineering, McGill University
Office: McConnell Engineering Building, Room 421
Address: 817 Sherbrooke St. w., Montreal (Quebec) CANADA H3A 0C3
Tel: +1(514)398-6311
email: paul(AT)cim(DOT)mcgill(DOT)ca





Kinematic Geometry:

  • Design and analysis of motion of articulated multi-rigid-body mechanisms and manipulators

            An Improved Approach to the Kinematics of Clavel's "Delta" Robot

            Real Time Vision Assisted Machining

            Approximating Straight Lines on a Torus

  • Parallel mechanisms

            3 Points on 3 Lines (Animation)

            3 Points on 3 Lines (Design)

            Kinematics of a Two-Legged Manipulator with Actuated Spherical Joints

  • Theoretical kinematics


  • Computational kinematic geometry

            A Cylinder of Revolution on Five Points




Prof. Jorge Angeles

Prof. "Tono" Gfrerrer


Prof. Manfred Husty


Prof. Paul O'Leary   


Prof. Ilian Bonev



Course taught at MU Leoben in Summer '04


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