Yearbook Submission

This exercise is intended to generate a class yearbook, and along the way, illustrate some important principals of good HCI design. The hope is that the yearbook helps students get a sense of who they might want to work with for the term project.

Note that there are no right or wrong answers (well, almost, anyway).

You will have the opportunity to review and revise your submission.

As you complete the form, can you identify helpful and problematic elements of the interface?

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Course-related questions
I have read the warning on workload
Why I'm taking the course anyway (or "What I hope to get out of the course") characters remaining.
My anticipated commitment to this course: characters remaining.
Project-related questions
Project teams should ideally encompass a balance of skill sets that complement one another.
For the course project, I would feel comfortable contributing to the following roles (select all that apply):
programmer (including mobile platforms) hardware engineer
web designer technical writer
Software skills: characters remaining.
Hardware skills: characters remaining.
Web design/writing skills: characters remaining.
Any additional skills or assets that you think may be useful for the design project: characters remaining.
HCI discussion question
Describe a scenario you've experienced in which communications technology seemed to completely mess up, relative to how it should behave in an ideal world. Examples might include interrupting you at an inopportune time, failing to convey the importance of a particular message, or not allowing you to appreciate the context of the person with whom you were communicating. characters remaining.