University of Toronto
Department of Computer Science
Fall 1995

CSC 228: File Structures and Data Management

handouts, notes, and recipes

Instructor: Jeremy Cooperstock
phone: 978-0703 use with care

Lectures: Tuesday 7pm - 9pm in WB 116

Office Hours: Tuesday 4:30pm - 5:30pm in SF 4301H (DGP),
Tuesday 5:30pm - 6:00pm at Queen's Park track, or by appointment


Course Outline:

This course is an introduction to the technical aspects of data processing. The main topics are:

Grading Scheme:

Your grades will be determined by a combination of assignment marks and exam marks. There will be three individual assignments as well as a term project, to be done in groups of two or three students. The assignments will involve writing programs which manipulate files and will give you experience with several important aspects of programming methodology. For the term project, your group will be required to provide an initial description of your programming and testing plans, and later, a brief presentation of your work, in addition to the actual project submission itself. The grades will be divided as follows:

Handouts will be made available during the term


Assignment 0 (2%)
Assignment 1 (14%)
Assignment 2 (14%)
Project Plan Report (4%)
Group Presentation (2%)
Final Project (14%)


Quiz 1 (10%)
Quiz 2 (10%)
Final Exam (30%)

Both quizes will be given during tutorial hours, and announced the week prior. Assignments and projects are due at the beginning of your tutorials. Absolutely no late work will be accepted, regardless of the circumstances.

Handouts, Notes, and Recipes

C introduction slides

Data Encoding notes

Table Assisted Hashing notes

External Sorting notes