Computer Architecture Laboratory - ECSE 487
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Basic software tools used in the design, synthesis and analysis of computer and communication sytems such as data-paths, switching circuits, and arithmetic and logic circuits. Behavioral and structural modeling of hardware designs in the IEEE standard hardware designs using Programmable Logic Devices.
Learning outcomes
Expectations and focus
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Academic integrity
Date Topic Material Due weight
Jan. 9 Introduction to lab  
Jan. 30 Peer- and self-assessment of Assignment #1 Assignment #1 20%
Feb. 6 Writing a Technical Abstract Project Pitch and Draft Project Abstract
Feb. 13 Peer- and self-assessment of Assignment #2 Assignment #2 20%
Feb. 20 Project Management (class canceled -- notes on Moodle) Final Project Abstract 5%
Mar. 13 Mid-project Progress Presentation Mid-term presentation 10%
Mar. 27 (no class meeting) Draft Report 10%
Apr. 10 Final Project Presentation Term Project and Presentation 35%
Last updated on 16 February 2017