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Haptic Memory Game


Vincent Levesque, Qi Wang, Jerome Pasquero and Vincent Hayward


The classic memory game consists in first randomly placing a set of cards composed of pairs of picture cards face down on a table. Players turn over cards two at a time. If the pictures on the cards match, the pair is removed from the playing area. Pairs that do not match are turned back face down.

This project revisited the classic memory card game to explore the potential of the . With the haptic memory game, cards are explored tactually with the index finger instead of visually. This project allowed us to develop three different tactile graphics rendering techniques with the :

The dots rendering divides the tactile picture into cells, each containing a tactile feature resembling an embossed dot. The perceived height of each dot is controllable, giving rise to the tactile equivalent of a coarse grayscale image.
The grating rendering fills areas of the tactile picture with a spatial texture resembling an embossed horizontal grating. The resulting sensation is one of a sinusoidal rippled surface.
The vibration rendering modulates the amplitude of a vibration in function of the tactile picture being explored. This rendering can be used both to indicate a strong contour or to fill in a shape.


This first movie summarizes the project and introduces the rendering techniques.

The following movies show, in detail, the dynamic activation patterns of the 2D array of actuators as it explores part of a tactile picture. The 60 actuators are depicted as red narrow rectangles.



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