Computer Graphics 308-557B

Due date: Feb 11 (by 5pm).

Assignment #1
(Assignments that are late, but which arrive within 2 days (48 hrs) of the due date and time will be docked 20 per cent. Assignments later than that will not be accepted.)

For generic rules on assignment submission, see the rules page.

Submit your results using BOTH the handin program (installed at the School of Computer Science). Check the FAQ for additional info.

Grading will be based on your written report as well as
the submitted images.

1) Image synthesis

This question is based on the use of the POVRAY  image synthesis software package. 
It is available with complete documentation on a graphics CD to be displayed in class. POVray runs on for LINUX, Mac OS, and DOS/Windows.

POVRAY is also installed on the SOCS machines.  The
following URL gives some

POVRAY accepts ASCII commands for a variety of graphics operations.  These commands allow you to:

• specify the camera position, type, and look-at point,

• specify the position and type of simple artificial objects (like cubes or spheres),

• create light sources.

Use POVray to create a depiction of a simple character or avatar. The appearance of this avatar should depend on 3 to 5 variable parameters that are specified as constants at the top of the povray file.

For example your avatar might be a face composed of 5 circles or spheres (for the head, eyes, etc.) The parameters might alter the position or size of the spheres.
You must submit the POV source code using handin. You must also submit the image and a thumbnail of the image (a small version of the image not exceeding 80x60) using handin. If your image is called bridge.gif, the thumbnail should be called thumb-bridge.gif. Failure to name the thumbnail correctly will result in a minor mark penalty. This is necessary so that we can automate the generation of a web gallery of the images.

Extensive sample files are present on the CD.  They are very informative.  Make sure, however,
that your assignment does not  borrow too heavily from one of these.