308-557B - Project

Due on the day of the last class of the term by midnight.

The project is meant to be accomplished in teams of two (unless special permission has been obtained). Solo projects are permitted.

Prior to starting your project, it must be proposed in writing by using the project proposal web page (this site will not be available until Feb. 13th) at

You should prepare a web page explaining your project (akin to a combination of the proposal, introduction and conclusion in condensed form). This page will be made available to the rest of the class. A template of such a page is available here: http://www.cim.mcgill.ca/~dudek/557/557-project-template.html

The key item that should be submitted and which will be evaluated is a term paper on the project. This must be accompanied by either a videotape, a web page, or some other demonstration medium.

All projects should be based on a paper from the research literature (a journal article) and include an implementation. Exceptions to this format can be discussed in special cases.

The paper should include: