Hi, you have reached Deeptiman Jugessur's home page. I also go by the truncated forms, Deepu and Deep. I finished my Masters in Computer Science at McGill university in Montreal under the supervision of Prof. G. Dudek, hence the existence of this page.

My C.V.

Please click this link to download my C.V.


B.Sc. in Physics and Computer Science.
M.Sc. in Computer Science, also from McGill.

Courses I've taken (Masters)

308-644B Pattern Recognition. Click here for a Java project I implemented for that course.
308-765B Spatial representation and Mobile Robotics.
304-526B Artificial Intelligence: A Robocup event.
308-647A Cryptography and Data security.
380-766A Shape analysis in computer vision.
380-535B Networks.

Courses I've T.A.ed

308-208 Computers in Engineering.
308-202 Introduction to computing 1.
308-310 Computer Systems and Organization.
308-535 Networks.

My Publications

[ps.gz or pdf] Jugessur D. and Dudek G. "Local Appearance for Robust Object Recognition" IEEE Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) June 2000.
[ps.gz or pdf] Dudek G. and Jugessur D. "Robust Place Recognition using Local Appearance based Methods" IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) April 2000.
[ps.gz] Jugessur D. "Robust Object Recognition using Local Appearance based Methods" McGill Masters Thesis Oct 2000.