Get the MatrixEd Oberheim Matrix-1000 Patch Editor here!

This is the first release of the MatrixEd patch editor for the Oberheim Matrix 1000 sound module. This program permits real-time editing of all the parameters which define the Matrix-1000 sound module patches. An intuitive graphical user interface is used, involving sliders and buttons to adjust the parameter values. A "patch-bay" graphical interface is used to program the Matrix modulation routings, allowing easy visualization and control of this critical and confusing aspect of the Matrix-1000. A full-featured patch and patch-bank editor is provided, which allows patch banks to be easily constructed and saved/loaded from disk or from the Matrix-1000. Patches are stored on disk in sysex format, permitting transfer of patches between disk and sound module via 3rd party sysex software (such as Cakewalk, for example). Patches can be auditioned during programming with mouse button presses, easing programming without a MIDI controller. In addition, holding down the right mouse button while moving a dragging a slider on screen will send the associated patch parameter changes to the Matrix-1000 module in real-time.

MatrixEd runs under Window 3.1 as well as Windows 95. It uses a full 1024x768 screen with 16 colours, and does not support resizing of the window. Users with lower screen resolutions will probably not be happy. It is possible to use the program at lower resolutions, but it's a pain. Sorry. Maybe one day I will attach scrollbars, but don't hold your breath...

Download Some Patch Banks

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