Symposium on “Brain, Body and Machine”

Centre for Intelligent Machines

McGill University

25 Years of Excellence


Venue: Ex-Centris

3536 BOUL. SAINT-LAURENT, Montreal, QC H2X 2V1, Canada‎ +1-514-847-2206

Wednesday November 10 at the symposium venue : 5:00 pm: registration, followed by cash bar

Thursday November 11, program

Thursday November 11, banquet at the Mcgill Faculty Club: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Friday November 12, program

To download the Symposium program pdf file, please click here.


Thursday November 11





Keynote Lecture & Morning Session 1




Keynote speaker : Bruno Siciliano

Force and Visual Control for Safe Human-robot Interaction


Yi Gao, Benjamin W. Corn, Dan Schifter, Allen Tannenbaum

3D Automatic Segmentation of the Hippocampus Using Wavelets with Applications to Radiotherapy Planning

Laurence Mercier, Vladimir Fonov, Rolando F. Del Maestro, Kevin Petrecca, Lasse R. Østergaard and D. Louis Collins

Rigid Registration of 3D Ultrasound and MRI: Comparing Two Approaches on Nine Tumor Cases


Coffee Break


Morning Session 2




Carmen E. Au and James J. Clark

A New Approach to Virtual Mirroring for View Integration

Karim T. Abou–Moustafa, Fernando De La Torre and Frank P. Ferrie

Designing a Metric for the Difference Between Gaussian Densities

James J. Clark

Physical Asymmetries and Brightness Perception

Chen-Rui Chou, C. Brandon Frederick, Sha X. Chang and Stephen M. Pizer

A learning-based Patient Repositioning Method from Limited-angle Projections

Jian Li, Martin Levine, Xiangjing An, Zhenping Sun and Hangen He

Image and Video Region Saliency Based On Space and Motion





Afternoon Session 1




Sungkyu Jung, Xiaoxiao Liu, J. S. Marron and Stephen M. Pizer

Generalized PCA Via the Backward Stepwise Approach in Image Analysis

Fahim Mannan and Michael Langer

Performance of MRF-based Stereo Algorithms for Cluttered Scenes

Svetlana Stolpner, Paul Kry and Kaleem Siddiqi

Medial Spheres for Shape Approximation

Jorge Solis, Atsuo Takanishi and Kunimatsu Hashimoto

Development of an Anthropomorphic Saxophone-Playing Robot

Guy Gauthier, Mathieu Beauchemin-Turcotte and Benoit Boulet

Robust Design of 2nd order Terminal ILC Using μ-analysis and a Genetic Algorithm Approach


Coffee Break


Afternoon Session 2




Eric Barnett, Jorge Angeles, Damiano Pasini, and Pieter Sijpkes

A Heuristic Algorithm for Slicing in the Rapid Freeze Prototyping of Sculptured Bodies

Martin J.-D. Otis, Sylvain Comtois, Denis Laurendeau and Clément Gosselin

Human Safety Algorithms for a Parallel Cable-driven Haptic Interface

Josep Font-Llagunes, Ana Barjau, Rosa Pàmies-Vilà, Jozsef Kovecses 

Two Approaches for the Dynamic Analysis of Impact in Biomechanical Systems

Gabor Stepan

Human Balancing and Vision

Timothy D Barfoot, Paul T Furgale, Braden E Stenning, Patrick J F Carle, John P Enright, and Pascal Lee

Devon Island as a Proving Ground for Planetary Rovers