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Consulting Services Offered by CIM

The Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM), a leader in the information technology sector, offers consulting services to a broad spectrum of clients that include the research community, government and business.

Ranked among the top ten centres in the world specializing in the study of intelligent systems -- robotics, vision, HCI, and systems and control -- CIM's central location within the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University allows it to draw upon abundant resources.

An outstanding team comprised of about 20 renowned academics, and over 100 enthusiastic and bright graduate students working in eight state-of-the-art laboratories has contributed to the Centre's status as a world leader in the following areas of expertise:

  • Human-Computer Interactions - reactive rooms, shared reality environment
  • Artificial Perception Research - active vision, early vision, localization, autonomous exploration, visual interface, content-based image retrieval
  • Intelligent Robot Research - mechanical systems, robot locomotion, Haptic Interfaces, space systems
  • Systems and control theory

CIM can offer virtually unlimited opportunities to its clients. Its impressive knowledge pool works across many disciplines, perpetuating an environment of synergy, teamwork and considerable business savvy. These talented individuals have the resources, experience and training to solve problems in even the most complex of technologies.

To learn more about the types of services available at CIM, and how our team can help your company build a competitive advantage, please contact Benoit Boulet at 514-398-1478.