Shuang Gao

Postdoctoral Researcher
McGill University
Affiliation: CIM GERAD
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Currently I am a postdoctoral researcher at GERAD and CIM, McGill University. I received my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in February 2019, under the supervision of Prof. Peter E. Caines. My PhD work focused on the study of analysis and control of very large-scale networks (VLSNs) of multi-agent dynamical systems. A major part of the work pioneered exact and approximate (centralized and collaborative) control methodologies for linear dynamical systems on VLSNs based on graphon theory and the theory of infinite dimensional systems, a topic now called Graphon Control theory.

My postdoctoral work is on theoretical extensions, low-complexity solution methods and applications of Graphon Control and Graphon Mean Field Games theory. My other research interests include distributed and decentralized control, network modeling, and learning on large-scale networks.

Recent News
  • 07/2021: Two papers, one on LQG graphon mean field games and the other on opinion dynamics modeling, are accepted by CDC 2021. See [W1] [W2].
  • 02/2021: Our journal paper on subspace decompositions for graphon control problems is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems.
  • 02/2021: Check out the YouTube Channel for our Virtual Informal Systems Seminar!
  • 09/2020: Our journal paper on Linear Quadratic Graphon Field Games is about to appear in Communications in Information and Systems.
  • 11/2019: Our journal paper on Graphon Control of Large-Scale Networks of Linear Systems is accepted by IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control.
  • 07/2019: Three papers on network control, graphon control, and spectral representations of graphon dynamical systems are accepted by CDC 2019.

Contact Information

sgao [at] cim [dot] mcgill [dot] ca

Office 502, McConnell Engineering Bld., 3480 Rue University, Montreal, QC, CA, H3A 0E9