I completed an undergraduate (BS) degree at University of Wisconsin, where I double majored Computer Science and Math.

After that, I returned to my native Rochester, NY to work in the Kodak research labs, during which time I completed a Master's degree in Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

After Kodak, I moved Montreal and started a PhD program in Computer Science at McGill University. My (successful) defense took place in February of 2008.

Since October 2007 I've been a Research Scientist in the Honeywell ACS Labs. I live and work in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

My non-research interests include photography, cycling, windsurfing, kayaking, and camping. The picture above is me as seen through the viewfinder of my grandparents' Kodak Duaflex IV twin-lens camera, which I restored and used to shoot a few rolls of 120 film. Note to readers under 25: 'film' was something used to take pictures back when there was a successful company called 'Kodak'.