Robot Visualization System for Windows (RVS4W)

RVS4W is a cross-platform version of its predecessor, the Robot Visualization System(RVS) written originally by John Darcovich on Silicon Graphics' IRIX. The RVS4W user interface was written from scratch, while keeping the user interface consistent and user-friendly. The RVS kinematics engine was debugged and enhanced.

The package is a 3D visualization tool to be used as a design or a path-planning tool. RVS4W incorporates many new features, not in RVS, including routines to evaluate the characteristic length, the maximum reach, the optimum posture---for minimum condition number---and the robot conditioning (the reciprocal of the minimum Jacobian condition number).

RVS4W supports:

RVS menu

The User's Manual is available here: RVS4WManual.pdf

The RVS4W pertinent files are available here: RVS4WInstall.exe Free Counters

To download the thesis please click here.