Studying Mobile Robotics at McGill

Graduate Studies

Masters and Ph.D Students in both computer science and (uncommonly now) engineering programmes can pursue graduate studies in the areas of mobile robotics and computer vision in our lab. Interested applicants are invited to peruse the McGill, School of Computer Science and Centre for Intelligent Machines webpages for more information. The standard application mechanism is to apply FIRST to the school of computer science expressing on your application an explicit desire to work in the mobile robotics lab if that's what you want.


Some courses related to perception and mobile robotics offered at McGill.

308-765 Advanced Topics in Mobile Robotics

As the course title might suggest, this course will bring you up to speed on the state of the art in mobile robotics.

308-766 Shape Analysis in Computer Vision

An advanced course in the computer modeling of shape. Computer vision is a closely tied problem to that of robotics.

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