Mohammad Afshari

  • Ph.D. student

  • Electrical and Computer engineering

  • McGill University

  • Email:
  • Affiliation: CIM, GERAD, MILA

I am a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering at McGill University, working with Aditya Mahajan and affiliated with MILA, CIM and GERAD. I am broadly interested in Multi-agent systems, Stochastic control and Reinforcement learning. I have worked specifically in optimal estimation and control of linear systems, and reinforcement learning. I was the vice-chair of McGill IEEE student branch and IEEE Young professionals Montreal. I visited the University of Southern California as an academic intern (research visit) working with Ashutosh Nayyar on Risk Sensitive POMDPs. I am now an intern at MILA working on inverse reinforcement learning with Pierre-luc Bacon.

Research interests