Term Project

Due date as specified on course syllabus

You are strongly encouraged to form groups of two students for the term project. Project proposals involving a single student will be considered, but the required scope of the project will not be reduced accordingly.


For the term project, you are to propose an idea (by posting on the AI Google Groups discussion) that embodies some of the concepts you have learned (or are about to learn) in this AI course. The specific application that you decide to target is left completely to your discretion, but it should be interesting, feasible (within the time frame allotted) and well-suited to the efforts of two students.

The instructor and/or TA will provide feedback regarding your idea, possibly suggesting modifications, expansions or in some cases, narrowing the scope of your proposal. Note that you must obtain approval of the instructor for your proposed project.

Keep in mind that the time frame allocated to the project is similar to that of the previous assignments. As such, the scope of work anticipated for each project member is of a similar nature. Although you are encouraged to explore topics of your own interest, this should not require an investment of effort on par with a Masters thesis! Specifically, You need not work on something brand new; a re-implementation of an existing system is perfectly acceptable, provided that you will learn something and have the opportunity to gain relevant AI experience in the process.

The deliverables will include a report, describing your approach and results as well as an in-class presentation during the final week of the term.


The presentation, which accounts for 20% of your project mark, will last approximately fifteen minutes per group (regardless of group size) and should be seen as an opportunity to provide to both the class and the markers an overview of what you accomplished and the results obtained. The quality of your oral presentation will not be graded, per se, but the articulation of your accomplishments, as evidenced by the presentation, will factor as part of your mark for the overall project. You are thus strongly encouraged to practice your presentation beforehand and make sure that you stick to the time limits. Otherwise, you will be cut off and this may impact your grade. Students are strongly discouraged from alternating back and forth between the two presenters as this is distracting and interrupts a smooth flow.

Submitting your assignment

You must submit, at the start of class on the due date, a hardcopy consisting of the following:

Remember that your report is the main method of communicating what you have accomplished to the reader. Therefore, make sure that it is well organized and well written; you will lose marks for spelling errors and poor grammar. The main body fo the report should be a maximum of five pages in length, not including figures or graphs; anything else beyond the five-page limit will not be read.

The electronic copy of your assignment must be submitted through myCourses and should consist of:

Projects will not be considered complete unless they are submitted both in hardcopy and electronically. The hardcopy and electronic versions may be submitted at different times prior to the assigned deadline.

Last updated on 2 December 2016
by Jeremy Cooperstock