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Friday July 19th 2019

Tuesday July 8th 2003
Professor Benoit Boulet, Director of the Industrial Automation Laboratory within the McGill Centre for Intelligent Machines and Professor Vince Thomson, Werner Graupe Professor of Manufacturing Automation of the Department of Mechanical Engineering have been awarded a $672,000 grant over four years by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada to establish a research program in advanced control of polymer forming processes. This research will be conducted in collaboration with Dr. Robert DiRaddo's team at the NRC's Industrial Materials Institute (IMI) located in Boucherville, Québec. The total budget of this research program is estimated at 2M$.

Professor Boulet, who will be principal investigator and co-director of the program with Dr. DiRaddo, is enthused: "This exceptional contribution from NSERC and NRC will allow us to establish, in collaboration with IMI researchers, a world-class, cutting-edge research program in control of polymer forming processes, in particular thermoforming and blow moulding. We expect to see our research develop into advanced forming control technologies which will benefit our industrial partner Quality Thermoform & Packaging Co. of Etobicoke, Ontario and the Canadian plastics forming industry through improvements in parts quality, process efficiency, and scrap reduction." Dr. DiRaddo points out that the training aspect is important: "Our research program will permit the specialized training of highly qualified personnel for Canada’s manufacturing sector. This will help Canada maintain a competitive edge over other countries."

Tuesday July 8th 2003
IALab presented five papers at the 2003 American Control Conference, in June 2003 in Denver, CO. The first paper, which won the best session paper award, by B. Boulet, Y. Duan and H. Michalska, is entitled An LMI Approach to IMC-Based Robust Tunable Control , the second paper by B. Boulet, G. Lalli, M. Ajersch is entitled Modeling and Control of an Electric Arc Furnace, the third paper by S. L. Kukreja, J. Löfberg, B. Boulet is entitled A Numerical Study of Time-Domain Model Validation for Robust Control , the fourth paper by A. Haurani, H.H. Michalska, B. Boulet, is entitled Delay-Dependent Finite-Horizon Time-Varying Bounded Real Lemma for Uncertain Linear Neutral Systems , the fifth paper also by A. Haurani, H.H. Michalska, B. Boulet, is entitled Delay-Dependent Robust Stabilization of Uncertain Neutral Systems with Saturating Actuators.

Tuesday July 8th 2003
IALab presented a paper at the 2003 DCDIS Conference which took place in May 2003 in Guelph, Ontario. The paper written by B. Moore, B. Boulet, N. Aouf, P. Girard and R. DiRaddo is entitled Multivariable H-infinity Control of the Thermoforming Reheat Process

Tuesday July 8th 2003
We won the best conference poster award at the AUTO21 NCE scientific conference which took place on June 16-18 at Niagara-on-the-Lake. The poster presented our research efforts on the control of noise in automobiles in collaboration with Patrice Masson of UdeSherb, Peter Kwan of Windsor, Samir Ziada of McMaster and Ash Parameswaran of Simon Fraser. The McGill portion of the poster was put together by M.Eng. student Jean-Gabriel Roumy and Ph.D. student Dany Dionne. Congrats!

Friday February 28th 2003
The AUTO21 NCE network has received renewed funding for the next two years. Our research efforts on active control of vibration-induced noise in automobiles led by Dany Dionne and Jean-Gabriel Roumy will therefore continue.

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