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This document contains various informations related to Course 304-427B on Operating Systems, offered at the Department of Electrical Engineering of McGill University in the winter semester 1996.

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The Course Syllabus reports the contents of the course, as well as informations about exams and assignments.

My office hours: you can find me for about half an hour, or longer if necessary, after class. Please send email first if you want to see me at some other time.

Your friendly T.A.'s are Mark Aiken , Yanai Danan , Anne Kwong and Wu Yang. Feel free to contact them via email, check the TA's Web Page, and don't forget to attend the tutorials.

Announcements relevant for the course.

Some lecture notes are also available. Feel free to browse.

Exercises. to check how well you got the message.

References on programming. Mighty useful through those long hacking hours.

Assignments & Exams. Including an archive of the past two semesters.


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Franco Callari