Assorted OS9 Macintosh Software
from Gregory Dudek
These programs are provided without warranty or liability. I think all of these entries are older programs for OS 9 and the PowerPC processor.

  Most of these require Stuffit Expander version 5 or better to be used.
That's a free download also.

Animal: a text-based question and answer game. You think of an animal and by asking yes-or-no questions, the computer tries to guess what you are thinking of.
  This is a game something like 20-questions. The really interesting thing about it is that the program "learns" a new animal very time it fails to guess one correctly so that, in theory, it gets better and better. It works best when two different people use the program (potentially at very different times). It appeals very much to my children.
  The current version posted here suffers from an anomaly that prevents it from playing more than a few games in succession. I suspect it would be easy to fix if a few paople asked.

  animal.hqx  - binhex encoded macintosh program
  animal.bin   - macbinary encoded macintosh program

Genetic Art: a drawing synthesis program.

Greg's dc25toppm Wow, my old DC25 just became useful!
This is a program that allows you to extract images directly from a Kodak DC20 or DC25 camera's compactflash card, instead of having to use the slow serial cable. The interface is somewhat ugly, but it gets the job done. To use this, you need a compact flash to PCMCIA (i.e. PC card) adapter

(assuming to have something like a powerbook with a PCMCIA slot on the side.) Such an adapter costs about $10 ( here's a suggestion icon).

When you insert your compact flash card, if it comes up with the name "UNTITL" the program will find it automatically, otherwise you must select any file on it by hand. All the images will then be extracted in ppm format to a destination directory of your choosing. If you want to see them as they go, or tune the color adjustment, you can do that too. After it's done, you can use something like the excellentGraphicsConverter to change them all (via batch mode) from ppm to some other format (someday I should to that automatically).

If you use this, please email me which might motivate me to either clean it up further or at least post a newer version here.
  dc20toppm.sea.sit   - macbinary encoded macintosh program

Other disconnected notes.