Current Project

Shrink Wrapping Small Objects

We obtain high quality surface and appearance models of small objects using geometric flow based methods on 3D point cloud data captured from RGBD sensors.

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Welcome to My Page

I am a Masters student in McGill University working under Professor Kaleem Siddiqi in the Shape Analysis lab at the Center for Inteligent Machines.

About Me: I graduated with a B.E in Computer Science from BIT, Ranchi, India. I am an avid reader of novels (and a huge Harry Potter nerd :) ). I'm usually reading murder mystrey novels when I'm taking a break from work. My favourite author is Agatha Christie. And my favourite book of her's is The ABC Murders.

Latest Updates

June 2, 2015

Poster Presentation in CRV 2015

Shrink Wrapping Small Objects paper to appear in CRV 2015.