Prof. Jozsef Kovecses, group leader

Research interests: Dynamics of mechanical systems, robotics and haptics.

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Dr. Laszlo Kovacs, visiting scholar

Research interests: Dynamics modeling and control of constrained dynamical systems, control of mechanical systems, underactuated and redundant robots, service robotics, dynamics and stability of digital force control of robots, and haptics.


Dr. Alfonso Callejo, postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Efficient multibody formulations, sensitivity-based design optimization, automatic differentiation, natural coordinates, computer graphics.

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Dr. Arash Mohtat, postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Control, dynamics, and computational mechanics with applications in haptics, robotics, structural control and smart material systems.

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Dr. Farnood Gholami, postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Multibody dynamics, sensitivity and parametric analyses of multibody mechanical systems, haptics, dynamics of robots, and dynamics of human locomotion.

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Dr. Bahareh Ghotbi, postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Dynamics of multibody systems, analysis and simulation of wheeled robots in unstructured environments, planetary exploration rovers, terramechanics and soft soil modelling, and sensitivity analysis.


Dr. Siamak Arbatani, postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Finite element analysis, optimization, material identification.


Jason Michel Lambert, Ph.D. student

Research interests: Teleoperation, haptic interfaces, human motor control, robotic manipulator modelling, simulation and control, system dynamics, and real-time systems.


Qingfeng Lou, Ph.D. student

Research interests: State estimation and navigation of the Mars rover by utilizing multi-sensors of IMU, visual sensors, odometry, etc., and dynamic and kinematic modeling of the Mars rover locomotion system.


Akihiro Sato, Ph.D. student

Research interests: Design, analysis, and control applied to dynamic behaviors of systems, such as robotic mechanical systems, and sensory-motor systems of humans and animals. Some of the applications are legged robots and haptic interfaces.

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Majid Sheikholeslami, Ph.D. student

Research interests: Modelling, analysis, simulation, and design of multibody systems; analysis, design and fabrication of haptic interfaces; haptics and passive haptic displays.


Albert Peiret, Ph.D. student

Research interests: Efficient simulation of multibody systems: vehicles and machinery in contact with the environment. Contact and friction modelling, and biomechanics.

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Colin Gallacher, master's student

Research interests: Rendering rigid body contacts in virtual environments, design optimization of haptic devices, and hardware-software interfacing.

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Group Alumni

Sadhbh MacMahon, former master's student

Research interests: Multibody dynamics modelling and analysis, currently with applications to planetary rovers and theatrical effects in motion based platforms.


Dr. Mostafa Nasri, former postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Optimization, especially in real-world problems, such as rigid-body contact problems.


Jeryes Daniel, former master's student

Research interests: Control of mobile robots, dynamic simulation of mechanical systems, hydraulic systems simulations.


Dr. Mohammad Jalali Mashayekhi, former postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Multibody dynamics, contact mechanics, vibration and control, celestial mechanics.


Dr. Francisco J. González Varela, former postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Dynamic simulation of planetary rovers, co-simulation techniques for multibody systems, and efficient implementations in multibody system dynamics.

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Dr. Ying Jin, former postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Fault-tolerant control of switched nonlinear systems and switching control of multi-body mechanical systems.


Ali Azimi, former Ph.D. student

Research interests: Wheel-soil interaction modelling and simulation of multibody systems.

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Kamran Ghaffari, former Ph.D. student

Research interests: Haptics simulation of dynamic systems, robotic design and manufacturing, signal processing, sensory solutions, FPGA and microcontroller programming, low-level design of electronic circuits, structural programming, collision detection and contact analysis.


Sara Shayan Amin, former Ph.D. student

Research interests: Dynamic and parametric performance analysis of multibody systems with applications in haptics.


Prof. Javier Ros, former visiting scholar

Research interests: Parameter estimation and Kalman filtering in dynamics and robotic applications, mechanics based design, dynamics of multibody systems, biomechanics of human motion.


Prof. Josep Maria Font Llagunes, former postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Biomechanics of human motion, mechanical design of rehabilitation devices, dynamics of multibody systems, and contact dynamics.

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Prof. Rosa Pàmies Vilà, former postdoctoral fellow

Research interests: Human motion prediction through computational simulation to help in the design of prosthetic and orthotic devices as well as multibody system dynamics, simulation and optimization techniques, biomechanics of human motion, contact dynamics and biomedical technology.


Dr. Martin Hirschkorn, former Ph.D. student

Research interests: Methods and formulations of modelling multibody systems, ranging from mobile robots to musical instruments.