Aditya Mahajan

Contact Details

Aditya Mahajan
McConnell Engineering Building, Room 533
3480 University Street
Montreal, QC
Canada, H3A-0E9
Phone: (514)-398-8088 Fax: (514)-398-4470
Affiliations : MILA; CIM; GERAD; REPARTI;

Research Interests

My primary research interest lie in understanding optimal decision making in multi-stage dynamic systems under uncertainty. I am particularly interested in systems that have multiple decision makers that need to cooperate to achieve a common goals. I work on the following research areas.
  • Decentralized stochastic control and Markov decision theory. Overview talk: (slides) (video).
  • Reinforcement learning for partially observed systems. Interesting recent result: (paper) (slides) (video).
  • Reinforcement learning for mean-field coupled systems. Interesting recent result: (paper)
  • Resource allocation including multi-armed bandits and sensor scheduling. Interesting recent result: (paper)
  • Remote estimation and real-time communication. Interesting recent result: (paper) (slides).
  • Multi-user information theory. Interesting recent result: (paper) (slides)

Note to PhD applicants

I usually have one opening every year for PhD students. If you are someone who likes theoretical research and are interested in some of the reesarch areas listed above, please write to me with your CV and research interests.

Note to undergraduate summer internship applicants

Please note that I do not have any summer internship positions. So, please do not write to me regarding these.