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Modelling and Force Control of the SARCOS Arm

G. Bilodeau, E. Papadopoulos This project focuses on the modelling, identification, and control of the SARCOS arm. Applying forces with robots or teleoperated manipulators is a very complex task due to the interactions with an unknown environment, and to the high bandwidth loops involved. To simplify the problem, linear system analysis is used, and actuator dynamics are ignored. However, nonlinear actuator dynamics can result in unstable behavior during force controlled tasks. In this research study, accurate models of the SARCOS manipulator hydraulic joints are derived to be used in control design. Robust model-based joint controllers will be developed aiming at masking nonlinear and undesirable joint dynamics, and in pushing the limits of bandwidth performance.

Thierry Baron
Mon Apr 7 12:54:24 EDT 1997