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Dynamic Modelling, Identification and Control of Forestry Machines

B. Mu, S. Sarkar, R. Frenette, E. Papadopoulos Forestry machines typically include a mobile base equipped with a manipulator arm and a specialized end-effector, see Figure 18. Such systems are designed empirically, and are controlled at the joint level by experienced operators, using visual feedback. In this project we develop kinematical and dynamical models for forestry machines, including the effects of actively actuated bases. Also, the hydraulic system of an experimental machine is being modeled including its pumps, transmission lines, valves, and hydraulic actuators. Identification techniques will be used to obtain the machine's parameters. The developed models will be used to provide design aids, to drive a realistic machine simulator, as well as to provide the basis for designing task space model based controllers. [].55 Side view of the FERIC experimental forestry machine. The machine's articulated arm is actuated hydraulically, and mounted on a mobile base that can be tilted independently.egpapado:forestry

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