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G. Bilodeau, S. Ostrovskaya, E. Papadopoulos, J. Angeles, M. Boyer (IREQ) This project, whose accronym stands for Robotics in Flexible Environments, is a joint effort of McGill University, Laval University, Hydro-Quebec's IREQ, the Canadian Space Agency, and Machina Sapiens, a new company in the software engineering business. The McGill team focuses on the dynamics and control of manipulators with flexible links, interacting with a highly flexible environment, e.g., a power transmission line, with the manipulator mounted on a flexible base, the suspension of a truck. The modelling of continuous links with cubic splines and finite elements, for purposes of real-time position-and-force control and off-line simulation, are major items addressed here. The project is financed by a PRECARN contract.

Thierry Baron
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