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Parallel Manipulators with Higher Pair Joints

M.J.D. Hayes, M. Husty (MU-Leoben), P.J. Zombor-Murray A novel class of parallel manipulator, where one joint in each leg consists of a holonomic, higher kinematic pair, is dealt with herein. The joint in question achieves a one degree of freedom relative motion between two links where one rolls, without slip, on the other, like a rack and pinion or a pair of meshing, but not necessarily circular, gears. Such systems have been rarely investigated in the past and have received only incomplete attention in the context of poorly conceived attempts to model planar grasping. It is believed that our work represents the first instance where algorithms based on the kinematics mapping methods of Grünwald and Study have been successfully applied to the analysis of closed chains containing higher pairs.

Thierry Baron
Mon Apr 7 12:54:24 EDT 1997