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Applications of Hierarchical-Hybrid Control Theory to Thermo-Mechanical Systems

P. Hubbard, P.E. Caines This work with General Electric Corporation of Schenectady , NY, which is co-directed by Dr Tim Johnson of GEC, involves the application of logic and hierarchical-hybrid control theory to thermo-mechanical systems (washers). Current work involves the construction of a detailed discrete event system model (of the order of 10,000 states) for a standard washer system, verification of its controlled closed loop dynamics and analysis of its failure mode recovery behaviour. Applications of the hierarchical (state aggregated) finite machine control theory of Caines and Wei (see this report) are under investigation, as are extensions to a full hybrid model permitting analysis of the applicability of the hierarchical-hybrid control theory of Caines and Wei (see this report).

Thierry Baron
Mon Apr 7 12:54:24 EDT 1997