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Visual Modelling for CAD/CAM and Autonomous Systems

F. Ferrie (Project leader), G. Dudek, M.D. Levine, S.W. Zucker (McGill), P. Cohen (Polytechnique), D. Laurendeau (Laval) Much of the research structured under this Project focuses on the intermediate level of visual sensing as it relates to applications in advanced manufacturing and mobile robotics. Funded as part of the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (a network of centers of excellence), specific topics include the inference of piecewise-continuous surfaces from discrete data sets, theories and representations for 3D shape, recovery of shape from motion and stereo, data and sensor fusion, object and scene modelling, strategies for autonomous exploration, and the recognition of known objects in unstructured environments. A key objective consists of achieving an automatic transformation of sets of unconnected points in 3D space into surface mesh representations which are properly formatted for interfacing with commercial CAD/CAM systems. The Project also targets the development of tools for reliably inferring scene models from sensor data. While the CAD application seeks object descriptions with an accuracy of a metrological-like quality, the processing strategies are equally applicable to the fusion of sparse data from multiple low cost sensors into a virtual sensing device well suited for mobile robotics. [Ferrie_mobile.eps].45 The Autonomous Explorerferrie:figure5

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