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Installation of RCCL Systems

J. Lloyd, V. Hayward During the 1987-95 period, a number of RCCL systems have been installed. Installations are now in operation at the following sites: Jet Propulsion Laboratories, RCA Advanced Technology Labs, the University of Pennsylvania, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. As for the latter, a port of the RCCL system to a VAX/VMS environment has been completed at the newly created NASA Robotics Laboratory, Greenbelt, Maryland. The package was used as part of a major NASA demo in June of 1987, in which several simple tasks relevant to space station servicing and repair were carried out. These mainly included using robots (PUMA 760's) equipped with force sensors and compliant control software to handle and manipulate large component modules of the kind envisioned for use in orbital construction. Since then, this package has been ported to many platforms and is supporting research in robotics at many sites worldwide.

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