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Dynamics and Control of Double-Triangular Parallel Manipulators

V. Karakusevic, S. Sauvé, M. Buehler, P. J. Zsombor-Murray, J. Angeles The planar, spherical, and spatial versions of these manipulators were studies on the optimum geometrical parameters of these manipulators, introduced in last year's issue of the Annual Report. Extensive along with their singularity analysis, were conducted, as reported in that issue. This year, we started, under the auspices of Quebec's Fonds pour la formation des chercheurs et l'aide à la recherche (FCAR), a study on the dynamics and control of these manipulators. Major issues under consideration are the bandwidth of the response and the feasibility of real-time control under fast operations, i.e., under a controlled motion of the operation point that will be of the order of 10 m/s. This is a major challenge, if we consider that the fastest robot currently in operation, the HEXA parallel manipulator developed at Laboratoire d'informatique, robotique et microélectronique de Montpellier, attains a highest speed of about 4 m/s.

Thierry Baron
Mon Apr 7 12:54:24 EDT 1997