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N. Arenson, M. Arenson, R. Ranjbaran, J. Angeles, R. V. Patel (Concordia), A. Robins (Canadair) This manipulator is to be regarded as the left hand of a dual-arm workcell, the right hand being REDIESTRO 1, as described above. Thus, REDIESTRO 2 is the mirror-image of REDIESTRO 1; however, different from REDIESTRO 1, REDIESTRO 2 was designed with one torque encoder at every joint and a six-axis force sensor at the end-effector. The prototype of this manipulator was designed, manufactured and assembled in a record twelve months. Not a minor achievement if we consider that the blueprints of REDIESTRO 1 turned out to be of little use to design its successor, because the presence of the torque encoders at the joints called for a design from scratch of the latter. This project is a joint effort of NSERC, the Canadian Space Agency, Canadair, McGill University and Concordia University. [].45 REDIESTRO 2, a highly dextrous redundant manipulatorangeles:red2

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