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Focus of Attention for the Robot Eye

The Robot Eye is a foveated active vision system under development at CIM. We wish to include tracking capabilities (with feedback control) to continuously focus the attention of the Robot Eye on a moving object of interest. To achieve this, we have reformulated the tracking problem as a dynamic centering process using Kalman filtering. Prelimary results indicate that the algorithm performs well for any combination of viewer/object motions. The first implementation enables us to continuously track a moving object with a fast frame rate (up to 20 frames/sec.). In the next step, we will use a conventional video camera mounted on a pan-tilt head (QUADRIS) which will be placed on our mobile robot platform. Following this we will test the algorithm using the Robot Eye.
T. Baron, M.D. Levine

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995