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Human Object Recognition and Shape Integration

Computational vision is defined, to a large extent, with reference to the visual abilities of humans. In this project we are examining the relationship between the characteristics of object shape, categorical knowledge, and the abilities of humans to recognize these shapes. One key focus of this work is the relationship between a specific multi-dimensional descriptive space we have found that appears to be used by humans and an attention-like process that is involved in shape recognition. Our data suggests that shape memory involves a non-holistic description of shapes in terms of specific distinct representational dimensions. This includes the modelling of subjects with object recognition deficits due to brain damage (IT cortex) as well as normal subjects.

G. Dudek, M. Arguin (Dept. de Psychologie, Univ. de Montréal), D. Bub (Psychology, Simon Fraser University), M. Dixon (Montreal Neurological Inst. and Douglas Hospital)

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995