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Syntactic Structures in COCOLOG Control Languages

The issues of efficiency, transparency and implementability of COCOLOG systems are treated in this work via the creation of (i) syntactic hierarchies of COCOLOG languages and (ii) hierarchies of Conditional Control Formulas expressing the IF ..THEN.. rules appearing in COCOLOG Conditional Control Rules (CCRs). Concerning (i), it is shown that iterated axiomatic definitions of new terms and predicates may be adjoined to the basic COCOLOG first order logic structure so as to (a) preserve consistency and completeness, and (b) give compact expression to complex concepts given in terms of language elements defined at an earlier iteration. The macro COCOLOG languages of (i) are employed in the construction of the (finitely) nested macro CCRs of (ii), so that the satisfaction of any IF condition in an exclusive and exhaustive CCR set leads to a THEN branch which may be either a (terminal) control action or another appended macro CCR set with the property just described.

C. Martinez-Mascarua, P.E. Caines

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995