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Efficient COCOLOG Logic Control via Markovian Fragments

The acronym COCOLOG stands for conditional observer and controller logic. In the foundational work with S. Wang, problems of observation and control for partially observed input-state-output machines were formulated in terms of sets of COCOLOG first order logical theories expressed in typed first order languages. In work with Y-J. Wei, we have defined and analysed the so-called systems of Markovian fragment systems of full COCOLOG theories. These are subtheories of full COCOLOG theories whose axiom sets are of constant size over time. This is a crucial property with respect to the efficient automatic theorem proving (ATP) implementation of COCOLOG control laws and it holds because the axioms of the fragment theories do not contain all past observations, but only the most recent machine state estimates. Despite that, Markovian fragment theories are proven to have virtually the same control decision making power as full COCOLOG theories. Papers on COCOLOG are available from: and 1995; and[{_inline}$sim${_inline}]mascarva/papers.html.

Y-J. Wei, P.E. Caines

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995