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Virtual Reality for Operator Training

A Virtual Reality single-user environment, based on computer generated images, multimedia video sequences, audio feedback, and sophisticated human interfaces including a stereoscopic display, six degree of freedom mouse, data glove, and voice recognition, is being developed for an interactive learning environment for electrical utility operator training. Enhanced presence in typical three dimensional environment models, and natural interactions by voice commands, user navigation, and hand manipulations are being investigated. A simulator re-computes the state of the power system in response to the operator's actions while a decision support system enforces and explains company standard protocols in carrying out the operator's plan of actions. A client/server distributed architecture is used to integrate this heterogeneous system. User effectiveness and system performance are being evaluated.

E. Garant, A. Okappuu-Von Veh, A. Shaikh, A.S. Malowany

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995