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Virtual Mechanism Concepts in Advanced Teleoperation

This project takes place in a collaboration between CIM and the Robotics and Teleoperation Department of the French Commision on Atomic Energy (CEA). New control algorithms for computer-aided teleoperation have been developed at CEA. Assistance is given to the operator by introducing ``virtual mechanisms'' between the master and the slave arms. They act as programmable jigs which guide the operator along desired task features. Automatic position and/or force control can also be added in user-specified directions. These algorithms have been successefully implemented at CEA on an electrically driven non-redundant system. The project aims at adapting and expanding this technique to a hydraulic and redundant dextrous bilateral teleoperation system manufactured by Sarcos Research.
L. Joly, C. Andriot, V. Hayward

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995