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Multi-Robot Programming and Control System: Kali

This project involves the development of a system for the planning and control of a cooperative multirobotic environment called Kali. Several software components provide a set of utilities which allow the user to describe closed kinematic chains by means of transformation graphs. Run-time functions designed to describe various aspects of task execution: trajectory planning, sensory based motions such as force accommodation, etc. are provided. One particular run-time function computes motion trajectories in Cartesian space with synchronization constraints. Dynamic information is taken into account at the trajectory computation level. Information such as the dynamics and bounds of the manipulators, the mass of the loads, the limit and internal forces, and the load sharing are used to perform on-line path modifications. Several versions of this system are in operation in research laboratories.

V. Hayward, L.K. Daneshmend, A. Nilakantan

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995