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Kinematics, Dynamics and Design of Parallel Manipulators

It is known that parallel manipulators have higher payload capacity, more rigidity and better dynamic performance as compared to serial manipulators. However, parallel manipulators themselves suffer from small workspaces and low dexterity. To overcome the foregoing drawbacks we combine the concepts of redundancy and modularity in the process of kinematic design and obtain a new class of hybrid parallel manipulators. To this end, some novel designs pertaining to the foregoing class, with a complete analysis of their associated kinematic problems, have been presented (see Fig. gif). We are now attempting to write a general symbolic routine to perform the kinematic analysis automatically. Also, studies have been conducted on the direct kinematics of general parallel manipulators. As a result, a new formulation was presented whereby the positioning and orientation problems are decoupled. A real-time implementation using extra-sensor data has been accomplished. We are now studying algorithms for the dynamics of these manipulators.
K. Etemadi--Zanganeh, J. Angeles

A novel redundant parallel manipulator

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995