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Design, Prototyping, Interfacing and Control of a Hybrid Serial-Parallel Seven-DOF Manipulator

Isotropy criteria in the design of robotic manipulators have been investigated with partial support from IRIS-I (C--3 Project) and NSERC. A four-axis manipulator for 3D positioning tasks, called McGill-IRIS C-3 Arm, has been designed and its first prototype manufactured (see Fig. gif). The work on interfacing and control of this arm has been completed, with subsequent research attention focused on issues such as kinematic and dynamic calibration, as well as workspace analysis. This manipulator comprises the positioning structure of a seven-dof hybrid serial-parallel manipulator with kinematic redundancy. The orienting structure consists, in turn, of a parallel spherical wrist with actuation redundancy. The mechanical design of the wrist has been completed; it has been coupled to the terminal link of the positioning structure. The manipulator was designed with a size equal to that of the Puma 560 robot. Currently, research is being conducted on the coordinated control of the overall hybrid manipulator.

J. Angeles, F. Ranjbaran, V. Hayward

McGill-IRIS C3 Manipulator

Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995