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Design, Prototyping, Interfacing and Control of a Kinematically Isotropic, 7-DOF Manipulator

Based on the concepts of kinematic isotropy and redundancy as two main design criteria, we have developed a prototype of REDIESTRO, REdundant, Dextrous, Isotropically- Enhanced, Seven Turning-Pair RObot (see Fig. gif). This manipulator was built with the size of a Puma 560 robot, its maximum reach being of 1.6 m. We have also developed algorithms to address redundancy resolution in light of isotropy, and designed and implemented the hardware and software necessary to operate REDIESTRO in real time. Our current research emphasis is along two main directions, a) a theoretical analysis for the evaluation of the merits of isotropy as a criterion in manipulator design; in this regard, issues such as joint space geometry, singularities and overall performance are being studied and b) an experimental framework for conducting tests on structural link and joint flexibility, kinematic calibration, redundancy resolution and manipulator accuracy for redundant manipulators.
J. Angeles, F. Ranjbaran, R.V. Patel (Concordia University)


Thierry Baron
Mon Nov 13 10:43:02 EST 1995